Here you will find links to my work so far in the Minor in Writing. 

Above all, each project and blog post pushed my writing into a new dimension.

I wrote in new styles, utilized alternative production processes, and gained insight into who I am as a writer.


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For this project we had to ask ourselves a seemingly simple yet extremely complex question: "why do I write?". Before joining the minor I don't think I ever considered myself a writer per se, I just knew I enjoyed writing. I also never thought about why I write, mostly because it was always something I had to do for school. Ironically, the best way for me to figure out this part of my identity was to write about it. After many brainstorming sessions I realized my best tactic was to just sit down and write. This piece is the source of my grey area metaphor, and I know I will always look back on it and appreciate the insight about myself that it brought me. 


This project involved repurposing a past piece  into a new form, and for a new audience. I chose to work with a cover letter that I wrote for an internship application. As a college student it is hard to ignore the lerking pressure to find a job or part-time summer position. While looking back and reading my cover letter I could barely recognize the girl who wrote it. This got me thinking about the nature of these pieces of writing and why they have become so prominent in the profesional world. I then decided to repurpose my letter into a mock article for The New Yorker that comments on the absurdity of cover letters and offers insight into how society should progress.

My third project is a remediation of the second, and although  I wanted to express the same ideas I knew that I wanted the information to be presented in a more accessible way. I decided to create a Pinterest board titled "Cover Letters 2.0" that houses everything from links to articles about digital cover letters to an example of a graphic one can make to showcase their skills and characteristics visually. I wanted this board to be informative but also extremely user-friendly and convenient to access. I think Pinterest ended up being a great home for my project and I hope to continue adding to this board in the future.